【Pokemon GO】 twitter summary

【Pokemon GO】 Method of hatching efficiently egg

Efficient 2km and 10km eggs 2 co-simultaneous hatching of


Eggs entering the hand in the pocket stop is initiated a hatch in actually walk that put to incubator.


<Way to put the egg to “incubator”>
Main Menu → Select the Pokemon
Select the tag of the egg
– Eggs and select the wipe pedagogical you want to incubator

[Note] the number of steps in the background start-up will not be counted

Walking distance” is counted at the time of the state in which to display the application on the screen of the smartphone. Note that is not counted when the following conditions.

– The app when not running
• When you are running in the background
– Smartphone when the sleep function of itself is working

※ are counted if the sleep state when you turn on the battery saver function that can be set up in the game.


Advent rare Pokemon larger the moving distance required for hatching

Moving distance indicated on the bottom of the egg represents a movement distance necessary to hatch the egg. There is a high possibility that rare Pokemon about this travel distance is often born.

Efficient hatch way

Egg can have up to nine. However, since the egg can not be discarded, in order to obtain a new egg is we must digested with hatching.

If the hatching and availability of egg you turn efficiently, I want to be always hatching the following two eggs.


WS000036 10km ~ 5km of egg

  • Need to move a long distance to be hatching
  • Easy born rare Pokemon
WS000037 2km of egg

  • Likely were hatched since the moving distance required is short


【Pokemon GO】 Location and time of the Pokemon that appear in the vicinity of their own can be seen in real time “PokéVision”

We will find a Pokemon while walking around hanging around outside in the “Pokémon GO,” but, I do not know until you approached is whether there are on earth where Pokemon.

So, either Pokemon appears is seen in real-time to their near Kunodoko, Pokémon GO dedicated map service “PokéVision” has appeared.


PokéVision — Find, locate and track Pokemon near you or anywhere in the world live & realtime in Pokemon GO!



When you open the PokéVision smartphone, map Pokemon has appeared here and there has been displayed.Pokemon that are displayed on the map is the Pokemon that can catch on the fly actually in Pokémon GO of the game.Time, which is displayed at the bottom of Pokemon represents the time remaining until no other Pokemon.

【Pokemon GO】 Point of efficiently foster Pokemon “evolution” and “strengthening”

Priority to evolution than strengthening


“Strengthening” of Pokemon in order to increase the probability of winning in the battle and explains the “evolution. Two differences are as follows.

Appearance of strengthening … Pokemon is intact, CP and HP increase. (stardust and candy required)
Evolution changes the appearance of the Pokemon, CP and HP is much more. (Candy required)
Some not evolve Pokemon.


【Pokemon GO】 How to make the first of one animal to Pikachu

When you start “Pokemon GO”, the first figure, Squirtle, it becomes the scene to catch one animal from Bulbasaur, found here in a way that would give the Pikachu!

<Emergence method of Pikachu>

1.Walk without catch figure, Squirtle, Bulbasaur

2. Repeat until the exits at Pikachu “1” (3 to 4 times)

3. Catch emerging Pikachu monster ball


【Pokemon GO】 Catch the way of Pokemon

Catchthe wayofPokemon:

Pokemon Sumafon is me let us know by vibration and appear close.
Tap the Pokemon that appeared on the map to move to the encounter screen.
Pokemon will appear
It is to throw the monster ball swipe towards the Pokemon and tap-and-hold.
Before you throw the monster ball, wheel of colored appears around the Pokemon. Each color indicates the degree of difficulty.
Green wheel = more caught easily, orange wheel = caught easily, is a specification of the wheel = elusive red.
After a successful throw, Pokemon enters the monster ball.
However, there is a possibility that escape well into the monster ball.
Tip: Tap and hold the monster ball catch and throw while turning round and round and curve bonus will be granted.